The Exclusives

The Exclusives – week 2.

As soon as I started watching the programme this week I was itching to jump on my laptop and start tapping away about everything I had to say, but I thought I’d save it until after the show. Adding on to this, the fact that revision is still taking over my life, I finally have time to blog.

Stuart: At first I was thinking he was beginning to redeem himself from last week. This week was ‘his week’ (or so he said) and his interview with Charlie Simpson (who was looking pretty hot) was really good I thought. You definitely couldn’t tell he had nerves, although he said afterwards how nervous he was going into it but the actual interview seemed relaxed, informal and enjoyable, as Charlie said so too. I think, when comparing to Chris’ interview, he was definitely better.


I really do think he ruined it for himself the minute he said: “If I don’t win it, I’ll be on the verge of going home.” “It” here was referring to the ‘rookie of the week’. It’s not the best thing to say when you’re on TV, shouldn’t he be relishing every opportunity he gets? Yes, it was a week where the magazine suited him well but it’s not all about personal interests, it’s about hard work and determination too.

Sonny: annoying. Very annoying. She annoyed me the minute she started having a go at her team mates for trying to help her and give her suggestions on how to interview. I was glad when the mentor ‘had a word with her’. She needed to be taken off her high horse and realize she is still in a competition, with the potential of going home at any time. Anything that anyone said, she seemed to have an attitude about and did not master the whole ‘working in a team’ well at all, which in journalism is pretty crucial I’m guessing… (duh.)

Ellie: Again, one of my faves. She works very hard, and seems very like me in the whole ‘getting stressed about a deadline’. She deserved to win rookie of the week, even on a magazine which wasn’t suited to her taste.

I think overall, the episode was a good way to show how journalism isn’t just about researching and writing for a magazine that suits and interests you. I have no interest in that screamy-kerrang-metal-music but the tasks look fun, enjoyable, possibly stressful but ultimately something that still isn’t putting me off the scary world of journalism. In terms of teams, I would have definitely wanted to be on team two (Ellie, Hayley and Chris) as there seemed to be less bitchiness, more team work and overall a better performance.

Oh and…

Favourite Quote: “I’ve gone for a cool look cause I wanna look cool but I’ve gone for a fit look as well cause I wanna look fit.” Hayley. Although she has definitely steered away from those glamour model stereotypes since being on the show.

Next week: someone is going home eeek.


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