Work Experience

Passport to journalism?

Gorkana is a brilliant website.

After previously thinking there would never be a website devoted to jobs available in editorial and journalism due to immense competition for the jobs out there, Gorkana does exactly that. I got told about it on my work experience at The Times and again when I went to Bliss; I have email alerts set up to email me about editorial journalism jobs, but mainly internships.

Although at the moment, I am hoping to find a summer job to fund my NCTJ, it’s still nice to look at the internships available, learn about new magazines/websites and what the skills are that the jobs require. Yesterday, I saw an intern position for style-passport. It’s not something I’d heard of but I had a look…

Mixing my hopeful plans of going travelling in February, my (and every other girls) love of fashion and my obvious desire to be a journalist, it definitely seemed like the perfect place to apply. It’s an online fashion retail website, with an online magazine and blog too; mixing the essential fashion and accessories people need for every holiday destination. It was founded and is managed by Sarah Walter last February, who was previously the accessories editor of British Vogue,  so clearly has great magazine journalist contacts. I also recently saw Jo Elvin, editor of Glamour, tweet that she had just been to a networking event hosted by style-passport.

So I’m wandering off the point a bit, but I emailed to enquire about a possible work experience placement in my October half term as part of my NCTJ. Expecting the usual no reply, I was chuffed to get a reply this afternoon straight away, thanking me for my interest and inviting me to come in for an informal interview when I could. I was really impressed by the quick response and friendly nature, as I can imagine the amount of applications they had.

Next Thursday at 4pm I’m going to visit the style-passport offices in London, eeek. Exciting! Hopefully my own passion for this industry will show but if anything, it’s exciting to have the opportunity to meet the team and see what happens behind the website!


Have a look at it yourself:


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