The Exclusives

Opinions on The Exclusives? Week 1.

Yes, I can admit that I was eagerly awaiting this show on Thursday night, seeing it as an ‘x-factor’ for journalism (if there is such thing). Although the opportunity is amazing, and it’s a great way to show the ins and outs of being an intern on TV, I did feel that some of the ‘rookies’ as they call them, didn’t relish the opportunity as much as they should have.

I guess by not choosing everyone who has a standard journalism degree/qualification makes it more interesting, but I couldn’t help but think that Stuart, the oldest contestant didn’t seem to show his passion or enjoyment of anything to do with the tasks. Obviously more! magazine may not be his ideal journalism opportunity but does he have a choice? No. He’s got given this opportunity, it’s a very very competitive industry and it’s not a time to be picky. On the website he is described as having those dead-end jobs, and only previous work is writing one article for a website. I think determination is key in a career like this and if he does want to get ‘rookie of the week’ or even have a chance of winning then he needs to start showing his interest in journalism, whatever the genre, whatever the task – even if he is just making coffee! I guess he doesn’t realize that he is being watched by hundreds of wannabe journalists who would love to be in his position, watching him look rather miserable in the tasks. Seeing next weeks sneak peek task I’m guessing he will be more in his comfort zone, let’s see if he proves me wrong in his misery!

Although, someone I did enjoy watching was Ellie. I can admit that this was partly due to the fact she has a degree in journalism so you can tell she is committed to the job – especially when she got down on her hands and knees in the gym to the scottish guy, pleading for him to come in for a shoot. (Well it got the job done!) On the website they describe her as:

“Previous work: She was the editor of e-magazine Bloggers Central, has previously written for a high-brow political website and worked for an MP.

Ambition: She wants to win because she’s sick of doing stuff for free and having to work in grotty pubs to realise her dream of being a journalist.”

Just reading this shows how much she is willing to complete all the mundane tasks in order to succeed and it looks like she’s already got a lot of experience. ‘Sick of doing stuff for free’ is something I’m sure I will feel in about a years time, but that’s a while yet.

ROOKIE WINNER: Hayley. I think the whole don’t judge a book by its cover comes into play here – yes she did work as a glamour model but she worked hard, was confident and has a degree in English Literature. Not bad.

Although I did notice the ironic fact of reading her bio online and finding a spelling mistake:

“Since then she thinks people judge her on her appearance and that her writing talent has been overlooked, which is somthing she is keen to change” – not impressed ITV2.


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