Spending 7 days a week in the library, all day, every day, getting fed up of revision and wondering after why, after 3 years of this degree I have decided to embark on a 9am-5pm course in September.

Well, I tell a lie, I am excited to learn about something which will be relevant and help me towards my career rather than boring bilingualism and notions of literacy but really? Everyone is talking about ‘finishing education‘ and ‘freedom‘ and I feel like I am putting myself right back in the stress of it all.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to handle it fine, and hoping this summer will be the time to relax and for once, not even worry about revision/work/essays or coursework! Hoorah.

With the thought that my posts are getting pretty boring recently due to my current daily life consisting of gym, library, bed, I will leave you with this. Gorgeous temptation/procrastination looking for dresses for grad ball – if only.


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