Work Experience

Living in the Library.

is all I really have to say.

Well, I tell a lie, I have just applied for work experience at So Brighton Magazine, last week I did Grazia. Feel like I need to start begging soon for a work experience placement – just one week! One week in October, surely sending an email this far in advance with all my enthusiasm should get me somewhere…

Amy Packham.21.desperately seeking work experience.will work for free. please hire me. the end.

Or not.

All I really have to say right now is that each day consists of getting up (early), going to the gym, coming home, shower, go to the library, stay there all day, come home, cook, feel guilty about not doing more work, sit on twitter/facebook/daily mail, bed. All these days are merging in to one big library session. Maybe I should take my duvet in there to avoid the walk in the rain to the library each morning? It’s got to that point where I’m less than three weeks away from finishing my degree and if I don’t spend all my time in the library now then when will I ever?

The one thing I really hate is feeling guilty every time I am doing anything other than revision, like now, when I am trying to make myself feel better by writing a blog post.

Countdown:  17 days.


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