The Exclusives

Exclusive on The Exclusives.

Although the advert did at first get me thinking it might be another awfully-addictive reality TV programme, it was actually for a new series The Exclusives.

“The Exclusives is an exciting new seven-part series which offers an amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity for six young, ambitious, wannabe entertainment writers to work for publishing giant Bauer Media.”


These trainee journalists will be working alongside Heat, Closer, FHM and many more. 

I’m pretty excited as to what it will be like and if it’s going to be a hit, obviously for those journalists out there I think it’s bound to be popular but will it suit all individual tastes?

“They will be given incredible backstage access to some of the most high profile and glamorous events of the year, and will be coached and mentored in the crafts of interviewing, organising photo shoots and connecting with their reader.”

Again, jel.

I think it’s quite an innovative idea to make a programme on how hard it is to get into journalism, and the advert shows a complete diversity of people applying for it. It’ll be able to show the competitive and fast-paced industry of magazine publishing. So singing is one of those competitive industries and so along come all the talent shows to help people achieve their dream. I’m guessing The Exclusives is really a talent show in journalism… who can show that they are the fitting person for the job? Have a look here:

for a low-down on the finalists involved (not all your average journalism students that you would expect).

So 17th May at 9pm on ITV2. Watch it, I know I will be.


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