Creative Writing

It can be quite a strange subject to study at university. Can you really be taught how to write? Maybe. But I don’t think that is what they try to do. It is more about widening your exposure to the range of writing we can find – authors/styles/words. I have finally had my last creative writing workshop at University, it’s weird to think. On Friday I will hand in my 10,000 portfolio and wait patiently to find my mark.

The thing that gets to me is how can you give writing a grade. You read stories sometimes and think ‘I could have written that’. Sometimes you read a book and don’t end up finishing it because you think it’s shit, then you find a review in Cosmo magazine which tells you it has got 10/10. One story can be someone’s saviour and another person’s rubbish. Sometimes writing can be really strange but it is ‘breaking out of the box’ and experimenting with style. Can you really ever have bad writing?

So worrying about if the marker of my portfolio will ‘like’ my writing probably won’t get me anywhere. I guess I will have to rely on those tutors to understand the effort, time, redrafts, editing and research that has gone into those 10,000 words.

Results countdown: 8 weeks 3 days.


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