Work Experience

Look outside the box…

Magazines that people will apply to work experience: Heat, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, OK, Now, Closer…

Magazines that people are less likely to apply for work experience: Pandora, Cath Kidston

Yes, these are my new lists. Although I was pretty chuffed to get Bliss, I thought I would look outside the box for my next work experience. I have recently recieved the ‘Cath Kidston‘ catalogue slash magazine which I absolutely loved. The designs and layout is just gorgeous and definitely making me want to buy everything in the mag. But it surprised me that although I was just expecting a catalogue, it is very magazine-like. They have regular features which were interesting – shop-to-shop-tour was my personal fave.

So yes, outside the box. I have so far emailed Pandora and Cath Kidston and hoping desperately for a reply. #fingerstoesandeyesarecrossed

p.s I love pandora and have TWO bracelets and lots of beautiful charms

p.p.s I have a cath kidston mug, phone case, glasses case and laptop ‘theme’

p.p.s I think I would very much like working for both these magazines! eek. 


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