General Journalism


Something I am always interested in when talking to journalists or people who have succeeded in this career is how they got there. There seems to be a general initial pathway of getting a degree, writing for your university newspaper and getting work experience… but what happens next?

As part of my dissertation I am analysing Cosmopolitan, and recently have been looking at the editors letter. I decided to google the editor and found a video of her – Louise Court – talking about how she gained the job as an editor. She explained how she didn’t really want to get a job in journalism however her father was in the industry and pushed her to it, although she wanted to be a teacher. So she did a journalism course… blah blah blah… and ended up as Cosmo’s editor??

The thing that gets to me is you never really find out HOW they get the job – where is it advertised? How did they get experience? The frustrating thing is that all the jobs I look at seem to want ‘three years experience on a features desk‘… so how do you get this experience?

I’ll get my degree, I’ve got work experience, I’ll do a journalism course.. but how will I ever get a job working on Cosmpolitan?

Time will tell.


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