Graduate Jobs…?

With the amount of advice you are offered in your third year of university regarding getting a job when you graduate, you think you would be pretty much sorted. Obviously not if your graduate job is in Journalism.

The annoying this is – is how the workshops that you HAVE to attend and the career’s fairs that you feel you SHOULD go to; it makes you realize that maybe a graduate job is the best thing for you?

Benefits of todays workshop in getting a graduate job included:

  • £25,500 annual salary (yes, starting salary)
  • £3,000 welcome fee !!
  • A chance to work up in the business
  • A lot of other graduates also on the scheme that you will be able to get on with…

I think the starting salary was the main selling point for me… If I wanted a job in energy resources and British Gas… which I don’t.

Back to emailing more magazines editors …


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